Two of Heads of departments and a lecturer joined a meeting of applying the project of English Proficiency Index

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The Head of department of IT (Mr. Hawkar Omar Ahmad), The Head of department of English Language (Mr. Barham Sattar Abdulrahman) and Dr. Dler Abdullah Ismael (Visitor lecturer in English department) joined a meeting for applying the project of English Proficiency Index which provided and conducted by (Education First Organization) that held in many countries by them. According to this project, the students and lecturer of the Universities of Kurdistan Region have to participate in a standard examination for English Language skills, to determine the level of Kurds speakers in English Language. It’s Notable that this examination has national exclusion, it’s online and for free. Through this step, the name of Kurdistan Region will be among names of other countries that participate in (English Proficiency Index) examination. Also University College of Goizha has prepared all the materials for this examination.