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The department of law founded at the university college of Goizha in 2018 to teach graduates of preparatory study with its scientific and literary branches, subjects in the specialty of law in addition to general subjects including islamic law and economics in addition to the arabic and english languages  for a period of five years in order to prepare specialists in the law and able to work in the legal and judicial field, overcoming the traditional method of teaching through the students participation in the learning process by preparing reports and seminars, as well as the students attendance in seminars and workshops related to criminal investigation assets and justice, in addition to attending the trial and virtual trial sessions held in each hypothetical courtroom of the college.

Department Vision:

Achieving the highest standards of quality assurance and academic accreditation in education and scientific research for teaching staff and students. In addition to serving the local community, combining authenticity and modernity and preserving social and legal values in order to improve legal and judicial fields through scientific research, furthermore prepare qualified students in order to perform an effective role in society.

Department Mission:

The most important aims that the department of law in our college seeks to achieve are:

1- Creating the appropriate scientific environment for creativity in the different branches of legal science through the adoption of advanced academic methods and programs in order to graduate the qualified and trained staffs in practicing legal works.

2- Providing advanced university education in the field of legal science.

3- Focus on the use of modern methods in the education system, which increases the student’s ability to creativity and innovation.

4- Holding specialized scientific conferences and symposium and seminars to solve problems that related to legal and judicial development issues.

5- Community service and contribute to the development and solving of its problems through training courses for employees in various judicial institutions and provide specialized advice in practical aspects.

6- Keep up with the progress through scientific researches on contemporary challenges to raise the level of legal knowledge.

7- Strengthening scientific connections and exchanging experiences with colleges of law in local, Arab and international universities.

8- Provide legal and specialized advice, such as explain the laws and give legal opinions on the decisions and judgments of the judiciary and provide legal advice and information to those wishing to achieve justice and to show the truth.

9-Encouraging students to do scientific researches in all fields of laws through writing and publishing their researches in the academic journals.

Learning Outcomes:

1-   Graduates of the law department can be a member of the Kurdistan bar association and parctice the legal profession.

2-   He can work as a legal officer in all the legal departments of the state departments.

He can work as a legal advisor in all private sector companies


Study Methods:


The language of instruction in the law department is Arabic and Kurdish.


The  duration of study in the law department in order to obtain abachelors degree in law is five years, and the system of study in the law department is the annual system that the student will take two written exams throughout the academic year, one of which is amid year and will be of (30) degrees, while the other exam will be ayear end exam the tuition will be of (60) degrees as for remaining (10) degrees, the subject teacher will be at the disposal of the subject giving him to the student on the basis of the case study and the scientific activity of the student and the preparation of reports and seminrs, two subjects are specified in each stage by the ministry of higher education and scientific research in the Kurdistan region, in order to examine them in aministerial capacity,with regard to the degree of success in the articles of the law department, the degree of success is aminimum of (60) degrees for each subject.

Semester Curriculum at LAD

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