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Department of Health Administration- University College of Goizha establishing as one of the departments and start to register students since the academic year (2019), healthcare Management is designed to provide healthcare managers with the tools to analyses, direct and develop administrative activities more effectively

Department Vision:

Health Management Department Configure leaders specialized in Health Service Management Leadership and Management to be a leading health care administration program dedicated to preparing future executives for leadership positions in healthcare organizations.

Department Mission:

In support of the university’s mission of educating a new generation of leaders, the program aims to prepare the next generation of healthcare leaders to shape change and to be innovators in a rapidly changing health care delivery system, the college offers specialized programs in Health management at Undergraduate Program also seeks to qualify eligible Staffs and trained distinguished scientifically and practically to serve the requirements of the health sector.

Learning Outcomes:

Describe the organizational features, structure, efficiency, terminology and modalities of implementation of global health systems.

  • Examine the nature and interdependence of healthcare system components and problems using critical thinking to construct creative healthcare delivery system designs.
  • Demonstrate and compare continuous development processes, and using assortment of tools, design and construction systems for mensuration, analysis and accountability as they apply to healthcare settings.
  • Develop creative approaches to strategic, tactical and operational challenges in the management of healthcare systems and related IT by combining information, organizational expertise, talent management and critical thinking.

Study Methods:

The course type is semester system, each academic year takes two semester. The method of study depends on lecturers, presentations reports and practical sessions.

Students will have two exams during one semester (Mid-term exam and final exam)


The main language in this department is English .


The duration of the study is 4 academic year

Semester Curriculum at HMD

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