About Sulaimani City

Sulaimani (also known as Silemani) is one of important cities of Iraqi Kurdistan region and Iraq which is located in north of Iraq and surrounded by many hills and mountains such as Goizha Range, Azmer Range, Qaiwan Range, Baranan Mountain, Tasluja Hills. Nowadays, Sulaimani is recognized as the Cultural Capital of Kurdistan.

Historically speaking, Sulaimani was a multi religious city; according to a number of orientalists, in the nineteenth century there were many Jewish and Christian families though the majorities were Muslims. In the beginning of the twentieth century there were more than 360 non-Muslim residents living in Sulaimani. In Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji’s Government (the first Kurdistan Kingdom) the Minister of Finance was Abd al-Karim Alaka who was Christian.

Currently, people of different religion, ethnic, race and colour live in Sulaimani peacefully. For instance, there are many Christian families and they have their own churches. There are two churches in Sulaimani. Moreover, there are a number of mosques for Sunni Muslims and one Husseiniya. A number of Christian educators, music, writers, and singers have a great role in different social, cultural, educational, and political aspect. For example, Mr. William Yuhanna who was one the greatest musicians and educators taught music to a great number of Sulaimani children and youth of different religion; Mr. Anwar Qaradaghi and Mr. Salah Rauf were two of his students. Finally, Christians of Sulaimani celebrate their festivals and rituals; other non-Christian like Muslim do participate in the events and vice versa.