UoG - Religions Comparison Department (RCD)


Given the existence of other religions besides the religion of Islam, and the existence of a historical state of coexistence between religions, and because the religious components contributed to the service of the Kurdish civilization, and due to the common destiny among the people of one people, it was decided to open an academic department in the name of comparing religions, to study acquaintance And coexistence between its followers and knowledge of the points of participation and the difference between them.

Department Vision:

This section is of great importance to clarify the role of religion in history and for academic interaction with religious texts, and for this there is this section in many international universities. And they are very interested in it, and for the first time it opens in the Kurdistan Region and in the Quizah University College in this particular section with international scientific specifications to keep up with modern knowledge.

Department Mission:

Preparing a specialized and understanding generation to compare contemporary religions and intellectual trends, drawing from all sciences and knowledge and combining originality and contemporary, to serve higher religious values, serve society, and defend the just Kurdish issue.

Learning Outcomes:

  1.  Specialization in the field of religion to work in the ministries concerned with religion, culture and the media, especially the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs and its directorates as an employee or as an imam and preacher.
  2. As a specialist in the field of comparing religions to work in the Ministry of Education as a teacher in religious and public schools for Arabic language and Islamic education subjects.
  3. Hiring them as an employee in any government institution as a consultant in matters of religions and intellectual trends.
  4. Working in the private sector in the field of media, human development, human rights and minorities.

Study Methods:

Relying on authentic sources and scientific analysis, comparing different opinions and not aligning to a specific direction. And bias to scientific evidence only.

And the student must adhere to work daily and exams according to the annual calendar of universities.


It is the Kurdish and Arabic languages.


It is eight semesters in four years.

Academic Staff

Abdalwahab Abdalla Abdakrahim