UoG - Islamic Education Department (IED)


Because of the importance of the role of religion in directing social culture, in raising the individual and the family, and in generating generations with sound and moderate religious education, it was decided to open a department in the name of Islamic education in our college.

Department Vision:

The Department of Islamic Education seeks to guide the academic scientific movement of students towards a moderate and harmonious education with the Kurdish community so that a special Kurdish culture is formed

Department Mission:

Department students receive a correct and original understanding of religious texts, social and psychological theories, teaching methods, and educational psychology and specialize in this field.

Learning Outcomes:

  1.  Preparatory and elementary school teachers for Arabic language and Islamic education subjects.
  2.  Appoint graduates in the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs as employees, imams and preachers.
  3. Appointing graduates in other government institutions as employees
  4.  Appointing them as specialized consultants in government institutions, the private sector, personal status courts and the field of human development

Study Methods:

Relying on authentic sources and scientific analysis, comparing different opinions and not aligning to a specific direction. And bias to scientific evidence only.

And the student must adhere to work daily and exams according to the annual calendar of universities.


It is the Kurdish and Arabic languages.


It is eight semesters in four years.

Academic Staff