UoG - English Language Department (ELD)


The department of English language of University College of Goizha offers high quality in teaching and research of English language and literature from all periods. Students learn in a rich and innovative ways. The department also offers a variety range of courses of English language. Our aim is to provide a modern language classroom where all the necessary materials are available. Students graduate with bachelor’s degree in English language. We provide you with the language skills and knowledge in basic and advance levels. Students who complete the programme may pursue a career in teaching, translation, public and foreign service, or any media and communication sectors.

Department Vision:

To be able to work in different sectors, the Department works to graduate competent and well-prepared individuals. This can be achieved through

  1.     Providing English language instruction with high quality so as to make students able to communicate at the level of academic and profession.
  2.     Developing and raising the students’ awareness about the importance using English as a medium of communication.
  3.     Improving the undergraduates’ communication skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  4.     Introduction students to English language, its culture, and its history.
  5.     Helping students with facilities and skills to be able to translate and write any academic/non-academic work.
  6.     Guiding and assisting undergraduate to conduct research about different related issues to English language and literature.

Department Mission:

The Department of English Language helps undergraduates to acquire knowledge and understanding of English language, literature, culture, spoken and written English. The Department lecturers are required to use English as the language of instruction inside classroom and apply most recent materials, methods, and techniques in teaching different subjects in order to prepare graduates to use English professionally, creatively, ethically, and effectively in their future career.

Learning Outcomes:

The Department of English language is aimed to:

  1.     Students will be able to use English language in different majors to meet the demands of society.
  2.     Students will have acquaintance with English culture and history.
  3.     Students will be able to understand the development of the English literature through the centuries.
  4.     Students will strength their ability to write academic papers.

Study Methods:

The Course type is a semester system; each academic year takes two semesters. The method of study depends on lectures, presentations, reports and practical sessions. Students will have two exams during one semester (Mid-term exam and Final exam).


The main language in this department is English.


The duration of the study is 4 academic years.

Academic Staff

Hussain Hama Amin Sofi

Assistant lecturer

Rezhin Nawzad Latif

Assistant lecturer

Hawar Kamal Mustafa


Srood Taha Ali

Assistant lecturer

Shanaw Rashad Hassan

Assistant lecturer

Paiman Hama Salih Sabir

Assistant lecturer