UoG - Accounting Department (ACD)


The Banking and Financial Department is one of the important departments at University College of Goizha. It was established in 2019. The Department of Banking and Financial at University College of Goizha offers a four-year major in banking-finance through giving in-depth expertise in the use of finance and management information. The graduates will be ready to meet market requirements since banking-finance is in the heart of different types of businesses. The Department of banking offers different offers as well-designed program for the students; critical thinking and problem-solving skills are developed through offering different courses such as Principles of banking, Principles of Management, Governmental finance, Principles of Economics, Computer Applications for banking, and etc. After studying banking at University College of Goizha, the graduates are able to learn invaluable tools for running and managing contemporary business.

Department Vision:

The Science of Banking and Finance department looks forward to becoming one of the leading departments locally and regionally in the areas of financial and banking work. Banking department seeks to provide excellent educational service to give the students the knowledge and skills relevant to the financial and banking work, and to meet the needs of the labor market to develop the society. This can be accomplished by providing an excellent learning environment, attracting a qualified teaching staff, and expanding the relationship with the banking institutions in order to provide consultancy and different training programs.

Department Mission:

As the economy of Kurdistan Region is growing in all the sectors, the need for specialists in banking and finance is growing too. And this encouraged the University of Goizha to open this department which adopts a highly selected program and provides highly qualified lecturers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Teaching and training the students to be ready for working in the state or private banks in Kurdistan Region.
  • Familiarizing the student with the banking system and its services impacts on the community.
  • The academic program raises the level of the students’ knowledge in the accounting, economics, and administration sciences.

Study Methods:

The course type is a semester system, each academic year takes two semesters. The method of study depends on lecturers, presentations, reports and practical sessions.

Students will have two exams during one semester (Mid-term exam and final exam)


The main language in this department is English .


The duration of the study is 4 academic year.

Academic Staff

Rebwar Mohammad Ahmad

Assistant lecturer

Gona Omer Abdulrahman

Assistant lecturer

Omed Mhammed Sharif

Assistant lecturer

Karwan H. Mustafa

Assistant lecturer

Faraidoon Hassan Ahmed

Assistant lecturer