UoG - Library

Central Library

Library: is a public cultural, social and educational center for repository human intellectual products, by an organizational system, provide references to readers with short period and easy steps and for free.
Central library of university of raparin founded in 2010 when the first College of humanities science in Ranya opened. The library in constant evolution in scientific sources by providing modern and new references. the administration of the Director of Central Library is conduct by (The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research). 

The list of the Library objectives:
Organizing the references of the Library in order to provide a useful systematic way.
Guiding readers to find the scientific sources and educational information that they need.
Providing Academic sources for researchers who interested to research in different aspect.
Providing a suitable atmosphere to the readers.
Building relationships with other libraries and other educational organizations in order to find more scientific references for students and readers.


The library’s departments: 

  • Index and Classification: this section classifies all reference of the Library according to the (Dewy Decimal Classification System) using numbers (000 – 999). In general, we have two classifications; first one according to reference’s subject, and the second one according to reference’s language. The purpose of this classification is providing the sources to the reader shortly.

  • Acquisition: this section is responsible of central library development with new sources by purchasing, donating and exchanging from other Libraries, at same time, the main way for acquiring sources and books is buying from the publishing foundations.

  • Borrowing: the employees of this section is giving the references to readers and researchers of our University and other Universities, and restoring it from them. This section also has several regulations and instructions, there are two types of borrowing; external borrowing for outside of the university, and internal borrowing for those who read inside the university central library.

  • Bookbinding: is one of library’s sections. This section is for binding and repairing the damaged books. 

  • Reading Hall: is available inside the Central Library of our University, the students can, individually or in groups, read and do research.

  • Internet of The Library: The University Central Library prepared with a computer lab and access to the internet. Presently, index and sorting is available. The reader can easily search in the index of books, then ask for the sort number at borrowing section.