UoG - Business Administration Department (BAD)

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The department of business administration at university college of Goizha (UOG) was established in 2019 to offer a four-year undergraduate major in different topics to business administration for instance management, marketing management, financial management, operation management, academic debate, strategic management, human resources management, accounting …….Etc.

The Business Department leads the production of human resources and personnel in administrative areas, recruits skilled teachers and enables them to use new technology to tackle local and national challenges in advancing information and contributing to society’s aspirations.

Department Vision:

The Department of Business Administration plans to be recognized as an innovative leader in professional business education. We strive to become the prime center of excellence in education in Kurdistan and Iraq, the program provided by qualified teachers, is effective in truthful management roles and provides entrepreneurship to business world challenges and opportunities.
The department works to accomplish this by educating qualified and well-prepared individuals this can be achieved through

1.Trust and Honesty
2. Truthfulness.
3. Transparency when addressing others.
4. Improving quality control and process decision-making.
5. Providing a dynamic learning experience tailored to benefit the community.

Department Mission:

The Department of Business Administration aims to provide students with an education that focuses on the common body of business knowledge, high ethical standards of social and environmental responsibility, and core values and skills growth and guided application required for business leadership.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate foundational knowledge in accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing in application of concepts and theories.

2.Demonstrate strong reading and oral communication skills using relevant technologies.

3.Demonstrate a capacity to incorporate the key business field principles.

4.Demonstrate recognition of the value of corporate ethical standards.

5.Demonstrate an ability to perform analytical, secondary research on market problems that may be relevant to general business or a particular business feature requiring familiarity with a variety of data, research sources and appropriate methodologies.

Study Methods:

The course type is a semester system, each academic year takes two semesters. The method of study depends on lecturers, presentations, reports and practical sessions.

Students will have two exams during one semester (Mid-term exam and final exam)



The main language in this department is English .


The duration of the study is 4 academic year

Semester Curriculum at BAD

Academic Staff