University College of Goizha (UOG) was established and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Iraqi Kurdistan Region Government by the official letter No. 7169 on 05. June. 2018. UOG is a private university which works on graduating students in different related issues to the university philosophy. The university college name is taken form Goizha Range which is located in northeast of Sulaimani City.
Because of the importance of religion on different aspects of Kurdish community, UOG attempts to educate people and presents well-educated graduates to the society who will be able to debate on different dimensions of religion. Furthermore, UOG intends to spread thoughts of non-violence, peace, gender equality, coexistence through its well-designed curricula.
All UOG professors and lecturers are selected building on criteria such as (a) academic and scientific ability, (b) their attitudes and perspective towards development, coexistence, and peace, (c.) respecting human rights and gender related issues. Furthermore, 90% of the UOG employees are females.